Big data encompasses an entire technology ecosystem to provide a platform for the present and future. It is the core of cloud based solutions and infrastructure that scales in performance, across geographies and provides actionable information for the organizations that commit to using them while also providing lower Total Cost of Ownership and higher Return on Investment.


Big Data:

● High volume and velocity of data

● Geographically distributed data

● Simultaneous processing of multiple data sets or individual fragments of the same data

● Self provisioning of software and hardware resources

● High density of hardware nodes and clusters of nodes

● High performance utilizing low-priced, common hardware


Analytics and Visualization:

● In memory performance.

● Interactive what-if analysis and drill-down data visualizations

● Real-time predictive analytics

● Software based machine learning of repetitive tasks and behaviors



● An integrated security model for the entire data environment

● Encryption of data at rest and data in transit

● Network layer encryption

● Uniform user identification and authentication

● Single sign on

● Audit logs



● Automatic information delivery to PCs, tablets and smartphones

● Embedded information for devices and apps.

● Peer-to-peer information sharing and distribution

● Integration between mobile, legacy and cloud solutions.


Making it all Work Together

There are many solution providers that may work with one or two technologies. The complexity is introduced when multiple technologies have to be integrated into an interoperable enterprise solution. You have to start from the appropriate architecture and design and moving to implementation and operational maintenance. iOS has experience in leveraging the core technology components into customized solutions that are scalable, cross-functional, reliable and high performing.