Managed Services

Managed Services

We provide managed services on private or public clouds for the following products:

Adobe Experience Manager

  • Rapid cloud deployment and complete website control

Deploying your digital experiences in the cloud allows you to reduce time to market while maintaining all the control, security, and customization of onpremises deployment. Using Adobe as your single partner for hosting and supporting, you’ll get expert help when you need it, without all the infrastructure and associate personnel costs.

Flexible system configuration

Rapidly scale your website based on user demand using our elastic cloud solution which helps ensure site availability and performance even when visitor traffic spikes.

Operation support

Get the dedicated support that you need during development, QA, and launch. After launch you’ll receive ongoing assistance with site maintenance, 24/7 solution monitoring, and customer support.


We take security seriously and provide HIPAA and PCI compliant physical, network, and data security. You application is hosted behind firewall systems on a private or public cloud. We also provide singletenant virtual machine options with data encryption at transit and rest, antivitals, and data isolation.



Fast timetomarket with Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery allows you to rapidly and repeatedly bring service improvements to market, while maintaining quality. Now you’ll never be behind in today’s competitive economic environment. Frequent, incremental changes also help meet the expectations of today’s “alwayson” consumer, whose work and leisure experience of IT services is based on simple, oneclick installation of applications that update automatically.

Delivery and deployment flexibility

Our teams will help you implement a set of delivery and deployment capabilities based on your needs. We can help with everything from daily web application updates to weekly/monthly iteration strategies for more structured enterprise SOA, embedded products, or ISV applications. As a cloudbased approach utilizing open source tools, we provide customers with increased deployment flexibility as well as lower startup and sustainment costs.

This solution provides a continuous integration pipeline. Updated code is regularly taken from developer workstation and configured and compiled into a working application with automated integration testing used to validate a successful build.


Cassandra is an open source distributed database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers. This provides high availability without a single point of failure. Cassandra supports two types of data integrity models: Consistency and Eventual Consistency.

Geographic distribution and realtime workloads

Replicate data across multiple data centers and manage complex, readwrite workloads with realtime interaction for large data sets. Cassandra’s ability to store large volumes of data related to user activity while handling fluctuating traffic spikes makes it perfect for applications that require high performance, significant write activity, and multiple concurrent threads.

Manages website content, social media, and mobile data

Quickly analyze enduser interactions on websites, social media data, and mobile shopping habits. You’ll be able to see what your customers are looking at, talking about, and buying up.